Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Very practical advice

Doing Well at Being Sick, Living with Chronic and Acute Illness is written by Wendy Wallace and published by Discovery House.

Wendy Wallace knows what she is writing about! Using her very personal experiences of dealing with health issues over many years, she writes very practical advice for anyone that is dealing with an illness or knows someone who is. You will take away many lessons from this very realistic book. From what to expect at the doctors’office to what to say to those going through an illness, this book is filled with valuable advice.

The best advice the author offers is to draw closer to Christ while dealing with your illness. For those who have a family member it is important to lean on the Lord and remind your loved one that the Lord is their best friend, especially during these hard times.

I enjoyed this book and gave it 5/5 stars because it is has very practical advice and is written in an open and loving style.

I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for the copy of this book I enjoyed reading. I gave an honest review based on my opinion of what I read.

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