Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ROCB: Who Built the Stable?

Review of Children's Book Who Built The Stable?
Who Built the Stable?: A Nativity Poem

"Who built the stable where Jesus lay? The answer is conveyed in this beautifully crafted picture book that envisions a young boy, a shepherd and carpenter both who, out of love and kindness, cleared the way for another shepherd and carpenter to be born on Christmas day."

My Review:
This book is actually a poem with pictures.  I would describe the pictures as looking like stain glass windows with rich blended colors.  All the characters are dark skinned, even Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.  The best part of the book is the pictures that go along with the poem.  The poem itself is well written.  You will need to remember the author has taken liberties with the Bible story.  The basis of the poem is describing how a little shepherd is the person who built the stable and showed the family where it was.    It is an interesting take on the Christmas story and I love the including of dark skinned characters.  I gave this book 5/5 stars as the pictures alone make this book worth reading!

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