Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ROCB: Here Comes Doctor Hippo

Review of Children's Book Here Comes Doctor Hippo

Here Comes Doctor Hippo

"Little Hippo loves to pretend, and today he is playing a doctor. He tries to examine Big Hippo, Very Tall Giraffe, Giant Crocodile, Elephant, and other patients. But not everyone plays the way Doctor Hippo expected. Especially not Lion. Lion does not want to play Doctor Hippo's game. When he lets out a huge roar, the little doctor races home to find that Mama Hippo's medicine is the best of all. Jonathan London's reassuring story is perfectly matched by Gilles Eduar's warm and whimsical illustrations."

My Review:

I enjoyed the character of Little Hippo.  He wakes up one day and decides he will play doctor.  He visits his friends and wants to check them out.  In the end his mom checks him out just like he checked his friends out.  It was very cute that in the last picture of the book you see that all the friends he checked on while playing doctor where actually his stuffed animal friends.  A delightful  book about using your imagination to play and shows a loving and caring relationship between a mom and child.  I also enjoyed the illustrations; they were well done and fit the story and that is why I gave this book 5/5 stars. 

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