Monday, June 10, 2013

Review of A Call To Faith

A Call to Faith: The Journey of a Cancer Survivor
At first I was confused by this story.  There was a lot of switching from one time period in the main characters life to another.  It felt like when you watch television with someone and they switch between shows the whole hour.  It takes you a bit to remember where you were at and to get back into that part of the story. 

I gave this book 4/5 stars.  This book does have some great parts in it.  There are scenes that will captivate you and keep you reading.  There are also times when you think why is this part even in the book!  On the plus side I liked the author.  I thought his personality showed through and made for some great moments that I really enjoyed reading about.  I also thought the story itself was overall a well thought out story that finishes well. 

I would recommend this book to someone who does not mind jumping from one time to another in a characters life as they read.  I would also recommend this to someone who is looking for a book that is entertaining yet deals with some heavy health issues in the characters life. 

I would like to thank the author for a copy of the book I enjoyed reading.  I gave an honest review based on my opinion of what I read.

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