Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review of Help Me To Stay

The advice offered in Help Me To Stay is Biblically based and simply written.  You will find the author’s writing style to be open and non-judgmental.  If you are going through a difficult time in your marriage this is an excellent book to read.  The book is around one hundred pages and therefore is a quick read.  I liked how the author used a mix of personal stories and Biblical examples to reiterate the principles she was explaining.  My favorite part was how honest the author was when describing her own marriage and the issues she dealt with.  I gave this book 5/5 stars as I felt it was filled with excellent tips on saving your relationship!  I would recommend this book as a guide for any woman going through a difficult time in their marriage.

I would like to thank the author for the copy of this book I enjoyed reading.  I gave an honest review based on my opinion of what I read.

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