Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Great Romance Set in Texas

Blue Moon Promise is written by Colleen Coble and published by Thomas Nelson.

Lucy Marsh just wants to take care of her brother and sister but on this particular day nothing seems to be going her way. On the same day she loses her job and home, she is offered a chance to marry a stranger and decides this is her best option. Nate Stanton just wants to live out his life on his ranch with no drama but has recently been considering finding himself a wife to help out with some of the duties. Will these two try to make the marriage work by learning to trust, respect and love each other? Will they find what they have been looking for by committing to each other?

While dealing with the emotions between them they also face snakebites, a stranger looking through their belongings, a neighbor set on revenge and a relative’s betrayal. The story is set in Wichita Falls, Texas and the setting plays a real part in the story. The descriptions of the area and activity that takes place on the ranch are all well written and believable. I enjoyed the characters themselves and thought the romance was well written. All the main characters in the book were well developed and it was fun to follow their stories. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a Christian romance set in the west.

I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for the copy of this book I enjoyed reading. I gave an honest review based on my opinion of what I read.

I gave this book 5/5 stars.

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